Just like willow she has a romance option, be quiet, lemme borrow your gun, and other stuff. Her New Vegas counter part can be found here. Page 1 of 4 - Romance/Relation Mod? 1 Permanent companions 1.1 Non-humanoid companions 2 Dead Money companions 3 Honest Hearts companions 4 Old World Blues companions 5 Lonesome Road companions 6 Temporary followers 7 Notes 7.1 Nerve 7.1.1 If they only had the Nerve 7.2 Weapons and armor 7.2.1 Weapons 7.2.2 Armor 8 Behind the scenes 9 Bugs 9.1 Fixed bugs (Patch 10 References It is possible to have up to … She has over 1200 lines of voiced dialogue. If you’re not like 90% of nexus and don’t want a Mojave’s girlfriend go with Wendy Gilbert. - posted in New Vegas Mod Requests: Something has been bugging me about FNV-the total lack of romance. She does have a pip boy light which helps with deep caves, Have her own world space, and has unique weapons. Edit source History Talk (0) Sleeping partners will offer to sleep with the player character once certain conditions have been met, such as completing a quest or paying an amount of money. I'm guessing that they didn't put in romance because then they'd have to do it with all the companions (perhaps excepting Rex, Ed-E, maybe Lily? Notify me about new: Guides. New Vegas vanilla companions are all actually rather talkative, and have locational and flavor text, and if you swap them out occasionally you shouldn't run out. Willow's author is a woman, and her mod is the second or third most-endorsed one on the Nexus. Fallout: New Vegas almost had a funny, trashy romance story Fallout: New Vegas sleeping partners. When Fallout 4 mods first started appearing on the Nexus, there wasn’t much to try as far as mod companions. Thats understandable as well, as she is very well designed, the voice work is fantastic and there is a lot of meat to her mod. A lot of people prefer her Fallout 3 counterpart over the New Vegas one. If willow was Irish she would be Vanessa. FO3 however was always a little light on banter and flavor remarks; and the setting is lonesme enough that a friendly voice would ahve changed the atmosphere. However, Willow has always had one glaring issue that I am uncertain if I want to complete her entire mod to see if it gets … Page 1 of 2 - Be honest about Willow - posted in New Vegas Mod Talk: Willow is undoubt-ably the most popular companion mod for New Vegas. Fallout: New Vegas PC . Willow - A Better Companion Experience is a mod for Fallout: New Vegas, created by llamaRCA and Nivea.. Most were unvoiced and silent. So imagine everyone’s excitement when Heather Casdin, made by the author of the extremely popular Willow mod for Fallout New Vegas, appeared.. A little background there… Not sex, because there's plenty of it in game but there's no romance. Category page. Cheats. I just can't see spending so much time with an NPC, fighting side by side, killing Fiends and Legion assholes but the option never … Edit. Reviews. Vanessa is the first female to be shown naked during Al's Fallout New Vegas reviews. Description: Willow is a girl companion added to the NV gameworld. Willow isn't there to be just an extension of the player, so my concern isn't that her skill level be appropriate for the player's early level experience. Questions. If the concept doesn't appeal to you, that's fine, but just because you are predispositioned against something, as is clear from your post, doesn't necessarily mean that it is bad or done poorly. The main reason for this preference is that the New Vegas version includes awkward sex scenes and perverted dialogue when speaking to Vanessa. Log In to add custom notes to this or any other game. What I'm trying to give you is a friend and another character to interact with that complements the experience you have in the game. Sex mods, sure but no romance/relationship mods. PlayStation 3 Xbox 360.