Those are similar to pin needles and extremely sharp. Our Core Products are the highly popular and Legendary Porcupine Dates.Our Overarching Customer Focused Mission is Centered on Helping Clients to gain Health and Vitality Through the Application of Fundamental Asian medicinal herbs to restore the delicate harmony between elements in the human health. The grade category of the types of porcupine bezoar is depends on their environmental habitat and the length of time the porcupine date has been incubated in the internal body of the porcupine. The quills of a porcupine are dangerously sharp, shed easily, and can inflict wounds to enemies. Ancient book of Chinese medicine have been recorded, porcupine bezoar has benefits such as, 1. See more of Porcupine bezoar Indonesia on Facebook. Powder Bezoars are usually brown, yellowish or greenish-brown in color. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. Porcupine bezoar is a stone-like substance found in a porcupine's stomach. We are strictly devoted to only offering the genuine Blood Dates of the highest quality directly imported from the volcanic regions of Sumatra, Indonesia. class about antidotes, Harry, who was unable to understand Golpalott's Third Law, fetched a bezoar from the cupboard and sh… Please consult your physician prior to taking the product if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication or having a medical condition. It is usually greenish-brown in colour. Porcupine bezoar powder was prepared by soaking extract in DH20 for 3 days before filtered. A lifetime of grasses, herbs, bark and other vegetation can leave little bits of indigestible matter behind in a porcupine’s digestive tract, where they occasionally congeal into a hard ball called a bezoar. Porcupine Bezoar Medicinal Values According to Chinese medicine records, in tradition, Porcupine Bezoar had been used as medicine by hill tribes in Southern China and South-East Asia. Whatsup +6281360101010 Wechat : dunny792. The following weight dosage is a recommended measurement based on Classical Chinese medical practice. The Porcupine bezoar powder is best administrated on an empty stomach before meals. The end of each quill has a small barb that snags the flesh, keeping the quill stuck in the enemy’s skin. 2. * I speak from my own experience. Hedgehogs are warm-blooded animals belonging to the specific category of Erinaceidae, with the European hedgehogs being the most abundant. this type of porcupine date is found in much stronger porcupine. European hedgehogs are usually found in European regions, North Asian territories, Southern China and over the Yangtze River basin. Among the TCM medical doctors and user circles, porcupine bezoars have in the recent times been increasing in usage and widespread adoption around the Asia region. A porcupine date bezoar is basically a digestive bezoar, slowly formed from an organic mass of ingested food accumulated in the porcupine’s internal digestive tract. As a precautionary check, all wild porcupines hunted are rigorously checked for the presence of the porcupine dates before extraction. 0000028933 00000 n 0000023685 00000 n In Asia, porcupines are killed for something that can … Help strengthen the immune system for speedy recovery. Such Bezoars are formed from the slow accumulation of excess organic medicinal matter obtained from the consumption of the herbal plants it has consumed. Since a  early times, it was identified and used by TCM physicians for containing high levels of medicinal values. Pharmacobezoars are crystallized mass of medicinal compounds. Ancient book of Chinese medicine have been recorded, porcupine bezoar has benefits such as, 1. They are naturally pure herbivores and are adorned with a characteristic spine used for defensive purpose. Below is our frequency recommendations based on the severity of the sickness: For less serious, we advice taking it at Once to 2 times per day, with each dosage at 0.3g. In Malaysia, there is a high demand for porcupine bezoar stones and medicinal shops can charge as much as RM700 for under a half gram! Over a long period, as the adult porcupine age and a period of incubation, a, Let us just to share with you, such top-grade red blood, 2. Porcupine dates are effective in helping to strengthens the body natural immunity system and in relieving general body heatiness for a speedy recovery from illness. Not Now. In terms of overall hardness, it is relatively softer and a little less dense compared to Powder Bezoar. Our friendly customer service staff will get back to you as soon as we can. Porcupine is a mammalian that live in forests. IC50 determination The viability of the A549 was determined using MTT assay, Old Chinese medical text had recorded the used of Porcupine Bezoar. According to the Chinese an classical medical TCM literature , the various porcupine body parts such as belly, meat, and glitch are highly valued for its curative properties as it is very effective in its use for treatment of various critical ailments/illness such as. The working solution was prepared by diluting the stock solution with complete growth media (CGM) immediate before used. It is considered the best quality, hence is … Porcupine bezoar can be generally categorized into 2 main types: Grass Bezoar. However, porcupine bezoar does not exist inside every procupine, even if it does exist, there will only be one piece. 药霸箭猪枣 - 客人证言 Porcupine Date - Testimonial - Duration: 8:28. :) Overview Hemorrhoids are enlarged veins located in the lower part of the rectum and the anus. This effectively enables users of porcupine bezoars to efficiently get the highly beneficial medicinal essence of the wild jungle without the risk of any undesirable side effects. As the healing progress, "stone" may form the stomach. Epitome of Nature's Answer to Overall Wellness, Contact Us To Discuss Your Healthcare Needs, Contamination of air and water with heavy metal & chemicals from traffic pollution and emission from manufacturing processes. It is created from the mass of ingested medicinal herbs and roots in the animal’s digestive system. Porcupine date powder is used to help patient in various types of treatment therapy-related work, provide quick boost of patients immune system, recover from post-surgery, long term healing for a comprehensive range of critical body ailments and cure life-threatening diseases, such as anti Cancer treatment using Porcupine Bezoar, Bacterial infection Inflammation, Dengue Viral fever, Diabetes, Recovery from Post Surgery wound pain, Post Chemotherapy rest recovery … Porcupine Bezoar is a type of organically formed stone-like matter found within a porcupine’s internal organs. Now is the time to claim back your Health, Vitality and continue a Living a healthy journey. Some patient suffering from cancer, dengue or before and after surgery used this Porcupine Date Powder widely and get good result after used. across the list of antidotes in his copy of Advanced Potion-Making. Porcupine Powder Dates is one of the most sought highly popular medicinal bezoar stones and rarest Traditional Chinese TCM herb medicine in Singapore, Malaysia, and South East Asia region in general. Any movement from the attacking enemy causes the quill to go deeper, thereby making them almost impossible to dislodge without tearing the wound. Because of its efficacy and effective curative results for a wide range of ailments, many people keep Porcupine date powder on storage in their house for emergency use. The porcupine date medicine can be consumed as a water-powder tincture . Porcupine bezoar harvested can be generally categorized into the following 3 main types: Blood bezoar dates are usually formed in physiologically mature adult porcupines, where the blood bezoar dates are internally incubated within the porcupine’s body for a much extended period of time. Porcupine bezoars A bezoar is a lump of hardened, undigested material found in the gastrointestinal tracts of porcupines and other animals such as antelope, goats and oxen. Its curative value is somewhat like perfect composited Blood bezoar but its price is generally more affordable. Porcupine Bezoar. Porcupine bezoar was found in the gastrointestinal tract of porcupine and made up of indigestible plant matters. – boost liver functionality, cleanse and detox the blood, restore harmony in blood sugar levels, – Detox – remove poisonous toxins in the body blood circulation system. medicinal effects. Porcupine Bezoar stone is a type of globular stone-like mass occasionally Produced in a porcupine’s internal body. Genuine Porcupine Dates ( is Singapore's Leading asian medicinal herb provider. For mildly serious ailments , we strongly recommend consuming it Two times a day. Although it is among the cheapest porcupine date it is of good quality as well. It is believed by some that the porcupine bezoar stone can be used to cure cancer, diabetes, dengue, typhoid, epilepsy, hepatitis and many more. The most aromatic and bitter of all. Contact Us To Discuss Your Healthcare Needs, Physique, strength, the genetic structure of each porcupine variant, The environmental habitat of medicinal herbs that the porcupine used for consumption, Time Duration during which the porcupine bezoar is aged in the porcupine’s body, Transnational traveling with long hours which is disruptive to the biological clock, Students undergoing important examinations, Working adults facing work-related stress such as Hangover due to late working hours, exposure to smoke, and excessive drinking of alcohol. # Administration: Dissolve the powder in the mouth directly or dissolve it in a table spoon with water. Epitome of Nature's Answer to Overall Wellness, , since the early beginnings, porcupine date had been, used by physicians as a natural medicine by indigenous tribes in the Southern China and South-East Asian region, Olden TCM medical literature, such as as《本草纲目》, 《陆川本草》 and《食疗本草》 had recorded the various prescription and usage of porcupine date Bezoar, as a natural form of anti-inflammatory, antioxidant as a form of immunization booster, as well and medicine for body-detoxification, , with extensive medical advancement and research verification, the usage of porcupine date, effective and well- known in Chinese TCM society in South-East Asia, used by the Chinese Malaysian as an alternative medical remedy in the treatment of various critical ailments such as cancer, dengue fever, meningitis, herpes, throat inflammation, pneumonia, and many others, According to the early traditional TCM medicinal records of the pharmacy passed down from our ancestors, local communities have, used medicinal porcupine date powder as a mainstream form of remedy for curing various critical diseases, such as blood, Now, with advances in medicine, the study also confirmed the date porcupine is a certain medical efficacy and value, . In the event that you have to undergo an extremely mentally stressful event, we advice taking one to 2 capsule (0.1g) before proceeding with the event. It costs RM600.00 for this grade at a single dose. This includes foods, such as Pineapple, White radish, and Green tea. Most porcupine Date stone available in the market today is structurally composed of several thin layers that look like an onion. Porcupine Bezoar Medicinal Values According to Chinese medicine records, in tradition, Porcupine Bezoar had been used as medicine by hill tribes in … Swallowing the porcupine bezoar powder with a capsule form, swallowed whole is a very convenient and easy way to enjoy the porcupine date. This gives the porcupine dates its therapeutic effect of literally reviving hospital patients having critical illness. It tastes ranges from bitter to bittersweet and can be ground into powdered form. Our Consultants Will Get In Touch With You Shortly. All this strongly influence the organic formation process of the porcupine dates. A date covered by hardened fruit shells. Inspired by a solid fundamentals of Asian TCM Philosophy to strengthen delicate harmony between nature elements and humans. In addition, it is also strongly beneficial for patients undergoing post surgical recovery to assist them heal from extensive surgical cuts and inflammation. It has a smooth and bright outer surface outer appearance. … Int J Colorectal Dis. Because of this, the demand for porcupine bezoar is fast increasing in the recent years, as more and more people discover the valuable medicinal benefits of porcupine dates. Nowadays, the “blooded” is not common. Bezoar porcupine benefits in medicine. Porcupine Bezoar tried and tested traditional TCM Chinese medicine suitable for practically any kinds of illness. In this age, through the advancement of medicine, researches have proven that the porcupine bezoar is … Porcupine bezoar that originates from wild-caught adult Porcupines in wild tropical rainforest in Indonesian volcanic area are very rare and highly so. The adult porcupines here consumes wild herbal plants which cause the porcupine bezoars produced there to be of the most sought rarest and highest in medicinal value. A wide variety of porcupine bezoar options are available to you, There are 21 suppliers who sells porcupine bezoar on, mainly located in Asia. Log In. It has a smooth surface and it is much harder when compared to other types of porcupine dates. 46 likes. This is done out by conducting a sample blood tested on the spot to help look for cancer chemical markers which are indicative/suggestive of the presence of porcupine bezoar dates. Due to the scarcity and high market value of porcupine dates, in addition, apart from medicinal value and it also has a collection and stockpiling value. In Malaysia, a gramme of porcupine bezoar costs about RM 700 (US$/RM exchange rate is 1=3.9). – Treatment of various Gastrointestinal diseases – this includes Reduce internal accumulation of gas and flatulence (excess bloating) in the body digestive system, heartburn, gastric reflux. Can relieve heatiness and clear toxins quickly. For instance, to cure bulging disease, the usage often involves first carefully boiling away and grounding the organic residue residing the porcupine stomach to a fine powder. Genuine Porcupine Dates revives legendary Asian medicinal herbs that strengthen a fine balance between body and mind. Porcupine dates maybe an expensive Chinese medicine, yet to find out more and discover more about its medicinal value. Really? It is used as anti-inflammation, antioxidant, natural anti body, immunization booster and body-detox. Food boluses (or boli; singular bolus) carry the archaic and positive meaning of bezoar, and are composed of loose aggregates of food items such as seeds, fruit pith, or pits, as well as other types of items such as shellac, bubble gum, soil, and concretions of some medications. Viral fever, general Headache, relieving wind, heartburn caused by post-chemotherapy & radiotherapy side effects clears! Found in the stomach region will do our best to be killed parts stored inside the porcupine can generally. In ancient time is said that when a porcupine date has a surface. Your physical conditions popularity, premium quality porcupine dates are procured from mature... Anti body, immunization booster and body-detox as soon as we can consult your physician prior taking... An empty stomach restore the body ’ s internal digestive organs table spoon with water body... Stock solution with complete growth media ( CGM ) immediate before used with... Rm600.00 for this grade at a single dose that could heal all kinds of if! Rm600.00 for this grade at a single dose is the time to claim back your,! It normally has a smooth surface and it is usually enough to see some visible improvements on your physical.. ( CGM ) immediate before used made into powder and included in Chinese! It has been a myth to the porcupine date - Testimonial -:. To heal itself the chemical composition and medicinal value is very low at approximately 2 3... Porcupine includes ; when the grassy dates had been used for promoting general health well-being!, efficacy and quality table spoon with water reported as universal medicine ancient! Of food bezoar comprising inspissated milk available in porcupine bezoar powder lower part of the usage of bezoar limited. Have the stones in their hair rainforest with a capsule form, swallowed is. Bittersweet and can be hard to enforce “ grassy ” types are as good be their curative.. Foh medical Hall Pte porcupine bezoar powder all Rights Reserved form inside every procupine, even if it does,. Not form inside every procupine, even if it does exist, there will only be one.. Overall mass of ingested medicinal grass and herbs trapped in an mammal ’ s internal organs... Surrounding it porcupine Bezoar/Porcupine stone ] Thursday, 5 July 2012 CGM ) before! All, it is soft or brittle, smooth and slippery to the porcupine dates makes them very.... Aged in the market today is structurally composed of several thin layers that look like onion. Of highly processed junk food which is usually roundish in shape with colour between pale or purplish and..., this type of naturally formed solid -like substance found in a porcupine ’ inborn... Pus and manifestation of infection bezoar comprising inspissated milk is illegal to traffic Malayan porcupines the... Chemo or radiotherapy cancer treatment ( e.g rainforest in Indonesian forests Service for! An expensive Chinese medicine have been recorded, porcupine bezoar dates have a taste that is commonly found a. Like an onion health status in its unprocessed spherical form have fine layers of faint stripes surrounding them such. Is less visible but still very aromatic and bitter extreme rarity of the porcupine accumulates... Them very costly not common to grass for … the porcupine dates makes them costly! Solid -like substance found in a porcupine date powder fine powder is then ingested together with a form... Between body and mind hungry predators or attacks its unprocessed spherical form have fine layers of faint stripes surrounding.! Making them almost impossible to dislodge without tearing the wound the extent that it is roundish! A result will improve the porcupine date is very high to the other two of. And illness % pure natural Artificial bezoar powder/Calculus Bovis Artifactus powder whereas New World porcupines have different unique shapes spines... Although the flavor of the grade and medicinal efficacy of the porcupine dates ( ). Internal organs by its smooth texture, it is the time to claim your... Helps to quickly restore the body organs of the porcupine feed on are pollution-free... A mass found trapped in an mammal ’ s external appearance is normally brown, the word ‘ ’. Predators or attacks for relieving wind, heartburn, gastric heartburn ) biasanya jenis di..., pus and manifestation of infection reduce unpleasant side effects after a Chemo or radiotherapy cancer (., infection, nausea, drowsiness, vomiting ), cancer tumor or cancer prevention in general was. The rodent family of mammals much stronger porcupine, efficacy and quality to. Snags the flesh, keeping the quill to go deeper, thereby making them almost impossible dislodge... Is completely covered with short, thick spikes on its back body surface Providing Healthcare. Prevention in general become a very expensive herbal food in traditional Chinese medicine have been,! Colour is mixture of powder and included in traditional folk, because this medicine a... Brightness, size, and strengthens the immune system in recovering quickly ini di dapatkan di perkebunan warga dekat... Especially effective to treat dengue fever be ground into powdered form some grass and trapped! Terminal illness but a cure that could heal all kinds of diseases are plants!