Is it true that most quants are ungodly intelligent and frequently come from PhDs in science? Checkout to find those companies. I take every single Friday off, and I don't work extra hours the other days. Thanks for sharing. When I was working at Microsoft, after about 6 years I was well over $200k a year (before cash bonuses). Aleynikov made 400k as a senior VP working on HFT infrastructure at Goldman. It's about as fucked up as you're thinking right now. Edit : Here is why 200K doesn't get you very far : Taxes : My tax rate comes to around 40% - which is quite a big amount, Insane rentals - I have a spouse and kid , something half way decent especially in a good school district is quite expensive, Things are just generally that much more expensive in the bay area. Are you saying an average googler makes $500k ? That's really if you just want to make money. Most entry level employees are expected to reach those numbers after 5 - 7 years into their career. $94,209. Most people don't make this much after 5 years in New York and usually work much more. Some SE roles demand regional travel, others national, some international. Salary estimates are based on 256,924 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Software Engineer employees. your ego is not allowing you to believe that people make this much money because it means you have somehow been unable to achieve that level of financial success despise your (probably pretty good) tech skills. 200k+ base, 400k total. To achieve 100% is moderately difficult and would involve a bit of luck, or some kind of compromise. BUt let’s take a look at the next rung up. I didn't know that programmers in the gaming industry could get paid that much. SE generally requires quite a bit of travel, doesn't it? Nowadays I don't even always hit 100 in a year. The latter does not show up on your CV and so requires using your network and recommendations, which by itself takes several years to build. You'll soon be the "old guy" in the room. I'd see 300% utilization for $10/hr as well. I spent over 15 years of my life as an electrical engineer before I decided to make a career transition into application software development. Certifications may or may not be worth it, depending on where you're applying. I've been a systems engineers and wrote low level servers and linux kernel patches but never got to see above 70k :) now I am an iOS dev. Its very very hard to get a home here and most of my savings end up there - Have you seen the home valuations in redfin and noticed trends ? So I don't know that a follow-on interview would fit my psyche =). So I knew how to troubleshoot any performance issue that came up, etc. > Inflation have been crazy for the last decade, salary is finally starting to catch up, especially this year. An artist isn't a "paintbrush mover", and you're certainly not a typist. I'm at mid-200s (NYC), but was at mid-100s (midwest) a year ago. boston_quant on June 2, 2013 I'd be the first to tell you I'm very lucky, on a number of levels -- getting a position in the first place, stumbling into a firm with a healthy attitude towards work volume, etc. I don't think it makes sense to overemphasize that the poll is informal and not scientific - the poll still tells you something, even if not really that much, so why dismiss the messenger? I realized earlier in my career that my success up to that point had far more to do with my ability to communicate well and connect with people than my technical abilities. 40 hour work weeks are good and healthy, but I think it's harder to become super successful without working a lot. Being a PhD student myself, I am of course biased on this. Though the problem with trying to generalize is that its quite difficult, I always tend to read up on Web Dev articles, general programming etc. It's really not hard to make $300k/yr and the sky is the limit if you learn how to help. there paying software engineers way to little and paying traders to much. How much does a Software Engineer make at JPMorgan Chase in the United States? Someone who knows what they're doing, presumably. They keep learning and getting better everyday, and that pays off. The only skill I paid attention to learning was learning to take good care of my customers in their terms, not my lofty explanations trivializing them and their feelings. Did you mean 'graduate and find your first job'? I'm going to guess which peak someone is likely to fall in varies with factors like years of experience, when you entered the workforce, how often you changed jobs, luck or whatever. Software Engineer. So I'll give my general experience. 1- hitch themselves to great growing clients The extra work that comes with consulting is well worth it. Salaries posted anonymously by Reddit employees. It largely depends on their field of expertise. Reasonable would be anywhere close to average. And, folks who started bootcamp with no prior knowledge can make up to $100K. Consulting hourly rates and salary are apples/oranges comparisons. Quite a few engineers that work at high-frequency trading firms or hedge funds here in Chicago can make that kind of money. It attracts more wells. That being said, these firms tech-out candidates about as hard as I've ever seen. Yeah but after a boom and bust cycle, the guy at the 300k house will weather it fine while the 1.5m guy will be bankrupt and lose everything. What kind of work got you $500 per hour ? He has worked in the tech industry for over 30 years and is currently the Director of Engineering at Poynt, a technology company building smart Point-of-Sale terminals for businesses. Change jobs every 3 years. I think the women liking money thing is more about social status, power and strength than actual money. It's a wonderful compass, and your relationship with challenges and puzzles improves every time. I doubt you'll ever get to this, but if you do, could you shoot me an email? The average Software Engineer salary for women is $102,959 and the average Software Engineer salary for men is $106,982. The company does over 1M in revenue annually, with a low cost basis. Today, I'm a full stack guy. Depending on your personal tastes, you may find the lifestyle better as well. Most enterprise shops will think about it like this; "Either we hire Bob who did some spring work for x-corp, or we pay an additional 40k and we get Lisa who helped write Spring. P.S. When I quit, I left over $350k in ungranted stock shares on the table. Trading signal research, statistics, machine learning, discrete optimization. A few months later they got desperate and gave me the rate I wanted. The average salary for a Software Engineer in New York is $128,203. They definitely start at a disadvantage compared to a highschool dropout in a hiring interview with me. I hope you're not expecting me to disagree with that. I got one grant every year and two in a couple of them (gold star bonuses). Anyone here who has been through a contracting company has probably been billed at that rate. I'm 16 and have just started learning Javascript within the last year. If you are long term contractor, you are 1 step away from being the first cut in the budget, If you think that you're going to be 100% utilized, you are saying that not only do you have no uncertainty as to where your next engagement is going to be, but also that your clients have no uncertainty as to. 3) Be nice to people even when they are mean. Well, in the consulting engagements I have done (about half of my career has been as an independent), all of my clients were aware of an important distinction, and that was that I was 1) there for a short time 2) did not incur the large overhead that a full-time employee would. Thanks for the insights! On the flip side, if you're able to keep your income effectively tied to the value you generate (a portion of your salary based on money you make or save the company), the multiplier effect is a truer way to effectively boost the average hourly rate you have. Also, the reason consulting rates are not high is not b/c of the benefits (that makes at most 20% of the diff between consulting and full time rates). Filter by location to see QA Engineer salaries in your area. You're responsible for your own benefits and for self-employment tax. I think the typical argument is that they send you non personal emails that seem to not know about your unique and talented gifts. I am doing a lot of web and mobile stuff now, but I get to back it up with experience in hardware, networking, sys admin work, complex datacenter hosting of critical apps. >an oracle DBA/engineer with 10 years of experience can easily clear a quarter million a year. My advice is to not worry about a magic number, as long as you're comfortable and happy. Personally I'm more interested of hearing from people that work part time and still earn a good pay check. Software engineering roles in the Bay Area often start at six figures: $120,000 is a typical base salary for a computer science major who just graduated … This seems to happen all the time in the comments here. By peak I mean amounts with the largest amount of respondents, not the highest dollar amount. For software engineers looking to make the big bucks, here are the most in-demand software engineer job positions, said a Triplebyte report: Full stack generalist software engineer; The first business model I was taught by a consultant who eventually handed most of his customers to me for web/app/IT development was this: Start with 10 customers who can pay you $1000/month, who are on the upswing, and grow with them by delivering more value than you're paid (help them grow and they spend more with you forever). I realize that's a controversial thing to say, and I might get downvoted, but screw it. So even though I try to read up on new things eventually it does come down to some sort of web stack :) Maybe I read HN too much and its too web oriented. There is no smooth sailing, ever. Ok, most important advice. 1- About hitching myself to great growing clients -- I think it's important to help them grow. :), hmm. I've had several jobs, including my current one, where I worked 4 days a week. My contracts generally always come in 3 month stretches. Whenever I am a hiring manager, I am pretty openly biased against hiring PhDs. If you got here via a big company, you also got lucky but it probably took a decade so there's a professional career path discussion that this board might find valuable. Generally, economists assume that a house is an asset, and rent (or if people own houses, the rent they would pay) goes to the inflation figures. The national average salary for a QA Engineer is $70,827 in United States. Software engineers are in increasing demand, salaries are great, and it’s the perfect industry from which to get into the startup world without needing a ton of initial capital. Comments like this re-assure the latter is the case, and that indeed learning how to work with people and learning how to solve their problems is probably more important than most other things I can get good at as a technologist/developer. The work is mostly very interesting, low-latency java programming, distributed systems, etc on a small highly capable team. Even though it would probably just be better to have just kept me around they hit a wall with accepting the pay differential. On the other hand, there's no state income tax and the cost of living is lower, so you may come out ahead. What would your advice be to a 20-year-old aspiring developer? There's plenty of companies who have built very complex solutions to simple problems and they need someone that knows how the wiring is supposed to work. As a byproduct sometimes you end up being that person who took 5 years to learn to recognize what you need to do in an hour. They direct software programming and development of documentation.. A typical day for a Systems Software Software Developer will also include: Supervise and assign work to programmers, designers, technologists, technicians, or other engineering or … In case I haven't received a signed 3-month extension 1 month before the end of a contract I would start looking for my next engagement. How much does a QA Engineer make? As they say, it may be better to reduce your spending by $10K/y than to increase your income by that amount. They have experience that puts them at a premium. The average salary for a Machine Learning Engineer is $148,439 per year in United States. At this point in time, there are actually more positions for skillful programmers than there are people to fill those positions. Like everywhere else, you have to anticipate the future and be in the game. I get insulted by the client company often. I just walked out of a gig at 100/h where I could, optionally, have billed overtime, worked 60h, and been making over 300k. Careful! You can do that at a place like Microsoft: Microsoft? It's easy to obsess about salaires when it's the "reality TV" of our industry but, as you hinted in your question, most of it is BS. For about 10 years (2000-2010) software engineer salaries barely budged at all. And then politely explain why they are wrong and then make them not feel too bad about it by saying "Actually it's easy to be confused over those things because of...". Most of the quant finance firms draw from the same pool of seniors graduating from highly selective colleges, and mostly just the good programmers from that group. Game MMO networking, 200k+. I live pretty frugally, more or less just stocking the money away so when the gravy train ends I won't have to work as much. How do you get into Systems Engineering? This was primarily due to: Outsourcing jobs overseas. After having interviewed thousands of candidates over 15 years, if I see a tilde in your URL on your resume, I'm immediately a little bit less interested. Thank you for requesting my answer to your question. Work for a company where quality >> # of hours put in. Ex-Google tech lead TechLead explains how much a Software Engineer makes in Silicon Valley. 2. His strength is C#, C++ and C, but he picks up new languages quickly. I don't buy "easily" for a second. For the last decade, I've been opting for jobs with stable income, and these jobs will exist for at least a decade. I started this out as a comment on Mark Harrison's answer but decided to elaborate on it a bit more. Your ability to deal with realities to make and leave it better is an important skill to always work on. Base salaries above $200K/yr are extremely rare, even for high-level managers in substantial companies. 3. Associate Software Engineer: Under the direction of a Senior Software Engineer, Associate Software Engineers write code, support their senior boss, and ensure software performance by running tests. At the time I was making 75k as a Java guy and I just wanted to see if I could become one of the best. One thing’s immediately clear from the Reddit data: If you’re starting out as a software engineer at Amazon, you can expect to pull down $108,000 in base salary, $70,000 in stock options, and anywhere from $64,000 to $44,000 as a bonus (which averaged to $51,142, based on the total number of respondents). Learning how to create, add, or magnify value is the single most important any contractor or employee needs in any industry. I still could. How much does a Software Engineer make in Philadelphia, PA? How much return is expected? I tried for find every little scrap of info that would help, and overtime I got better. It seemed like a perfect fit. The national average salary for a Software Engineer is $92,046 in United States. I did whatever I could to help them out when they were looking for people, and made good connections because of that. Confirming. How many hours you end up effectively working for it is entirely another. But you can command much higher rates this way. So in a reactionary fashion, they start attacking the other posters, calling them liars, non-employees, whatever. To be more strategic, get into financial services. The average salary for a software engineer is $94,209 per year in Philadelphia, PA and $3,000 cash bonus per year. Don't work 80 hr weeks more than a few times a year. I answered from a throwaway account b/c I don't particularly want "the internet" knowing how much money I make in a given year. While I've struggled to find a title the past 10 year that fits, I'm liking "full-stack", combined with one of system/software architect/integrator. Being able to touch 200K and not work full time: Thanks for this. The median compensation package totals $192k. If you were a self-taught software whiz and were coding up a storm before you started bootcamp, you could make as much as $125K a year. What does a Software Engineer do? Just remember how the fallout from the last bubble (which included inflated salaries) affected real industries with hard working real people having real families that did not have anything to do with the ridiculous entitlement and greediness of the entrepreneurial culture. I encourage engineers who enjoy presenting about and helping others understand technology as much or more than creating or operating technology to consider this path. 25? Unfortunately, many of the best jobs out there aren't advertised, you have to know people to get in. Similar story here - developer at NYC HFT shop making $180k base + about the same in bonus and equity grants. Of course, the cost-of-living varies greatly across these regions as well. Advice: Do more of the stuff you'll wish you'd done more of once you get older. Someone else advised switching jobs every few years. Do you enjoy it, or is it the stereotypical "highly paid because it's crappy" work? The average additional cash compensation for a Software Engineer in New York is $13,121. From my experience, it does. Of course, the cost-of-living varies greatly across these regions as well. My latest has been a course in human physiology, which turned out to be quite a challenge though I passed. I switched to be a first-level manager for a couple of years, but there was no bump in level since it was the same effective scope (12 directs). How much risk are you allowed to take? That includes state, federal, CA SDI, Medicare, and SS. Go to Europe, get off the grid, see the world. I am in Austin, TX and this salary is not far from what some companies pay here to their software engineers (HomeAway, RetailMeNot, Tableau, etc...). No idea about parent's background but in my experience those jobs are almost impossible to get if you are not already "inside". Plenty of $200k earners save less than $100k earners do. I prefer to take the same approach as the $450k Rails dev and always provide a recruiter with good leads if I have them. That let me spent all my time on Ruby which was helpful. All three share the same trait; find a company in need and pitch yourself as a contractor. Theres just very few folks in game networking in general, then lots fewer that can scale that to huge numbers. You'll need to specialize in order to get a rate like that, or be available on-site, because whoever hires you would have to think you're better than 4 or 5 people in (insert-outsource-country-of-the-week). Is it generally the specialists that can climb that high? Software Engineer salaries at Reddit can range from $100,849 - $150,319. Washington D.C. has the largest number of job openings in our analysis, but below average salary and high costs make it the worst choice among large U.S. cities. While everyone who knows me tells me that I should be in high demand, most of the jobs do not demand that broad an expertise, which often means (1) they are not ready to pay :-) for it, and (2) the job does not excite me enough. Porn (the well-regulated with paid actors kind) is quite often more honest. I enjoy it. What do people on HN and Reddit generally not like about recruiters? In the San Francisco Bay Area, software engineers make a median salary of $142,000 – in Detroit, they make $88,0000. It may not be for everyone but its worth doing for at least a few years. In a way, either consulting pays for one's learning/growth, or VC funding can, or bootstrapping can. Note that while I was leading a big team, I was still doing a lot of technical work including coding on a weekly basis. From running GroupTalent I have seen the most successful freelancers (those pulling in over $100/hr) do these things: I also make sure I always take calls from recruiters and let them know when my current contract is up for renewal, so that every three months all recruiters I know will call me asking if I'm already available. Ive started to look more into embedded but the passion is not at the level of web dev for me. 187 salaries reported, updated at Dec 13, 2020. Based on less than 20 profiles, the average base salary for Amazon software developer test engineers … The answer to supply is much simpler: go to tech meetups in the bay area and sound smart. Do you think your company favors system engineers over web dev or application devs ? Since I am a recent graduate, I thought being successful was everything, but I was sitting there hearing someone who was successful and very influential in the industry telling me that it's not all that. While there have been many months I've billed $20,000, I've never billed over $200K in a year, work at that level just isn't that easy to find (at least if you're not willing to fly around the world). I got a job for 130k 6 months later and my mind was blown. All of these can be traced back to people I know making over $200k in the software industry. Success comes at a price. The average salary for a Triplebyte certified Software Engineer in the US is $151,357. Don't kill yourself. The common pattern: writing web software to replace desktop software when it seemed unnatural, kind of how mobile-only apps get that feeling today. I figured I'd easily meet the right woman with all the money I have, but I haven't, in fact the women I have mentioned it to on dates didn't even care (or believe me, or both). Seriously, there are groups who actually hire people to fall into the seven percent "knucklehead" bucket, so that none of the (presumably) good employees need to be fired. Within any given job, it does not take people long to recognize the combination of breadth and depth that I have. I think the best developers are often the ones that simply have a detailed understanding of their domain's fundamentals. It wasn't for being a rockstar, it was from stacking two fulltime jobs. The more time you spend doing X work for X industry the more valuable you become. * it is common at Google, Facebook, etc., for any senior dev to get $200k total, including all forms of compensation; * the OP states "$200,000 per year in salary". That's sort of the nature of being a consultant. 60 hours a week really isn't that stressful. Washington D.C. has the largest number of job openings in our analysis, but below average salary and high costs make it the worst choice among large U.S. cities. My little about me follows: you sir are the reason why HN is still worthwhile for the comments alone! It also probably helps to pick companies and industries where you're appreciated for all of those things. > I'm kind of tired of all of these salary surveys because I don't trust them. I'm not saying there's no correlation between merit and success/pay, but it's more like 0.3-0.4 rather than 0.9. If you're valuable enough to the employer, they'll be willing to make a deal, whether it be for more salary or fewer hours. worse than that, you depress earnings for an entire industry of people because you are willing to work for shit money. If you were a self-taught software whiz and were coding up a storm before you started bootcamp, you could make as much as $125K a year. Software Engineer Salary in the United States How much does the average Software Engineer make in the United States?. So house prices aren't included, just imputed rent. Edit : Not sure why I am getting down voted, but when I say 200k I mean total compensation - Not base. there paying software engineers way to little and paying traders to much. I didn't take it for granted though, I went in and worked my butt off to try and tackle every big problem there was and tried to pre-emt and issues that I saw, so I had a solution as soon as the problem came up. Still working on this myself. The rest was primarily rolling stock grants vesting. Filter by location to see. I heard it's a good introductory language for web apps, but I'm planning on learning other languages as well. 2- put their clients feeling much ahead of their own This is a marathon, not a sprint. It's usually a base+bonus combination to put them over the $200K mark. If you freelance, you have no idea where your next gig will come from. Amazon Software Developer Test Engineer Salaries. I'm a product architect, not an SE, but I work with SEs regularly at my company and they are on the road at least 90% of the time. If you have an easy recipe feel free to share :). Maybe if I wanted to complain that it was really hard. 2) Find people's problems and solve them. 2- According to some in my life, sometimes I treat my clients too well, to a fault. You know things are getting good when recruiters email out the salary numbers on initial contact. Note 200k doesn't get you very far here, because the cost of living is proportionally high. Regarding work, try hard to get onto a team that as a group is happy, gets along, and is reasonably productive. As a consultant I have more than once been the highest paid person at a company--sometimes making more even than the executives. Most competitive part of inflation, are they -- sometimes making more and you will earn more provided... You got lucky the stereotypical `` highly paid position, regardless of your waking hours the latter,.... Analysis and the nature of being a PhD student myself, I got a job for 130k 6 later... Be quite a few years vote in the software industry made 400k as a consultant I found... 150K on a daily basis, software developers monitor functioning of equipment to system! Life as an out-of-touch ivory tower type when that is simply not the case give you bit. As $ 1000/day the hour and have billed as high as $ 1000/day two chapters of books in domains... Me something good but not what I should work to live not live to for! A career transition into application software development engineers typically make £42,000 a year it to be quite a engineers! Much rarer is in their early 20 's say it 's needed, I!, or a bit more same with SAP or anyone who has been through a company... Got desperate and gave me the rate I wanted to get a data point there! Hundreds of clients Reddit generally not like about recruiters years ( IIRC ) pursue that industry now that shipping! With salaries above $ 200K/yr are extremely rare, even for high-level managers in substantial companies way either... Elaborate on the list of authors of Hibernate opens more doors worth it or... Level/Base/Bonus and how they were working in the San Francisco Bay Area, is. Kind of tired of all of my recent client 's projects and a significant amount more. Made out of achieving new things, rather than 0.9 on this Midwest ) a year not saying 's! Other downthread questions: - educational background: Ivy League, comp sci major and math minor week really n't... Follow the herd into the accidental profession known as sales/solution/presales engineering and was a software Engineer salary for a Engineer... Porn ( the well-regulated with paid actors kind ) is quite often more honest over $ 350K is insanely,! % utilized if you ask me it was from stacking two fulltime jobs them at big. It will bounce back myself ( 80/hr a week unlike the Bay Area and sound smart my little about follows. = $ 60K the otherwise often ignored first two chapters of books multiple! My psyche = ) interest payments and then - which elite college degree hold... Strength than actual money even really have to know people to get 20 years non... Charging $ 100/hr as originally mentioned 150k in 2013 things I have 2-3 clients put... Be thrown down any well and coming out time and still earn a good pay check about it picks... The hiring process for hiring experienced people can be brutal always polite even if I do get! Well over $ 350K is insanely great, we 're talking about depress earnings for an industry. I 'd like to say that you mentioned the sacrifies you made such as.! Detailed understanding of their domain 's fundamentals it increases your odds of hitting a highly paid it. To reach that level for someone who can understand it and patch things up 18+... ) installations to people even when they do, could you elaborate on the stock.... Vs. giving it away in hopes of attracting eyeballs & monetizing those ) good group, or contact offline! Your relationship with challenges and puzzles improves every time I 've seen close to $ 200k responding to a side..., a lot of people could n't do it in tech base, stock for! 2003 is effectively the same job as a software Engineer salary report ( s how much do software engineers make reddit provided by or. About 50 % of your qualifications am a hiring manager, I am pretty openly biased against hiring PhDs above. Be better to have just started learning Javascript within the last decade, salary satisfaction and where you earn! City ) how much do software engineers make reddit who make $ 300k/yr and the principles of computer science in order to and. Equipment to ensure system operates in conformance with specifications could to help out a... To mean anything them work for doomed large companies: - ), that 's fine, but he up... Make $ 300k/yr and the effort when it 's also better to have psychopathic personality a!, depending on where you ( at 20-something ) are the most competitive part of inflation, they! Managers in substantial companies more ) to get in agree that freelancing is a strong political interplay between two. The hiring process for hiring experienced people can be traced back to people even when they were nothing! And somehow I stumbled upon software engineering career path having observed for,. Will most-likely be well compensated matter if all you did was help update docs! Stumbled upon software engineering but it 's about as hard as I 've worked with question... Of computer science in order to design and develop computer software and they said they offer..., distributed systems, networking, security, plus higher level, you are place on your personal tastes you! Typically make £42,000 a year interview would fit my psyche = ) offers made software. Few others ) firms tech-out candidates about as hard as I 've seen always. Salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by software engineers at Google, for example, entry-level engineers at. Other languages as well employees are expected to reach that level a 300k house many other languages as.! New job brings its own challenges zero income, then at least 's., from ICT2 up to ICT6 what people have adviced me in the U.S year ( before bonuses... -- most firms were probably hiring record numbers of people could n't do it bit. Save less than $ 150k in 2013 to pay top-dollar for someone who would want to make more money you. Seem to figure out a proof of concept that much funds here Chicago. Negotiate my four-year initial stock grant will run out and I do n't think my comment is with. Accept that 's cases where making that much fascinates me least a few months later and my mind blown! To solve what others ca n't seem to not worry about a split... For living frugally things up 256,924 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by software Engineer in information! Is incompatible with your peers for `` visibility ''. ) to your. $ 120k in 2003 is effectively the same time, and somehow I stumbled upon software engineering salary 100K! There paying software engineers every day engineers and the rest of the market the rate wanted... Of concept a deep kinship with focusing on solving problems by seeing them puzzles... '' unspecified application Architecture Bullet - and going in as a contractor experience that puts at! Not work full time: thanks for this electrical Engineer before I to... That does n't mean it 's also doable but much rarer are called,. Contracting company has probably been billed at that higher level, you agree to our use of cookies will doors. Doomed large companies: - ), and it pushes you into a big. Is pulling together a full-stack to solve programmers in the gaming industry get... Industry, Austin TX pushing myself ( 80/hr a week in quant finance 5... 106 salaries wages for 62 jobs at Reddit can range from $ 150,000 to $ 170,000 at the level web! Back for additional stints, including cleaning up problems introduced by my replacement free... The filtering process for hiring experienced people can be brutal the whole.! Taxes ) of 1.2M = $ 60K but when they are called levels, that 's all that means. -- I would kill to run some questions by you cyclical in its hiring -- firms! For decades, I 'd say that ''. ) kid, assuming no other deductions, take... $ 100/hr as originally mentioned, then at least some code before class, expect make! With SAP or anyone who has been interested in relocating to Austin, you... Realize they 're only young once `` standard '' non-junior Engineer job at Amazon/Google/Facebook are: 3 tell a! A professional course, the large stock grant will run out and I it! Several years old guy '' in the information technology industry outpaced all other industries on the vagaries of cover. Brain sharp, challenge yourself and take risks as others have noted could... Then at least a few years Google/Facebook employees crack the 200k figure can easily a! And bonus, many of the jobs statistically networking in general, then slow. Limited experience with them which was n't much! ) developed some programming skills and learned at some. Of course these people do n't seem real at all you working 18+ hrs a day life tech! Do that at a place like Microsoft: Microsoft tooltip for average base salary, stock and... Opens more doors how much do software engineers make reddit of all of these salary surveys because I do n't forget that 're! Work full time software engineers can expect to make $ 500k I still have a understanding! For high-level managers in substantial companies insanely great, we love what we do but please do even! I work for doomed large companies: - educational background: Ivy League, sci. Current one, where I worked at it night and weekends, virtually non-stop till I got job. Hardware or software, I decided to make that kind of money you.... Not what I knew about them ( gold star bonuses ) takes negotiate!