15. This seems like an okay drama. Seriously boring if i have to say. U need to watch each eps. Jule Jan 18 2016 2:32 am Suzy was okay and her role was totally unbelievable so her acting could not make up in the deficits of the script. Ruth Jun 29 2016 10:15 am Suzy will slay!! dayang Apr 06 2016 7:35 pm I still can't move on from #UncontrollablyFond ....good drama that give deep complicated feeling even after the drama end .....how i miss #KimWooBin and #Suzy together again on screen and hmmmm in real hopefully. This story surely has slow flow. haven't seen any of them in a drama in almost three years. seriously, a big applause to all of them who were involved in UF. The story line was very interesting. anntheexplorer Jul 15 2016 6:31 am I just think that fighting over actors or idols is stupid, I respect you being a fan but that doesn't necessarily put you in a non stop defensive situation.. [CDATA[ i watch both of drama. @xyz the writer did the same thing i'm sorry I love you the lead actor died and the lead actress ended up dying next to his grave I really don't know what's her problem she is always killing them hahahaha. Watcher Aug 05 2016 9:46 am Love this drama. Like it ~. Can't wait for episode 3. I don't have a high expectation for this and alr know how this drama end up ㅋㅋ But I'm looking forward to KWB's acting. Uncontrollably fond is highly recommended to those that have yet to watch!! If you like Leejongsuk, you go to ljs, he will be very sad if you visit this than his drama page hahaha. Lets be honest, Suzy's acting was so bad. Hemma Kim Aug 11 2016 8:41 am Senarist: Lee Kyoung-Hee. IT gives me all the feelings...in every Single ep. This is one of the great episode so far. Catherine Jul 13 2016 3:55 pm Evil doers, karma is B. Cho Ji Tae or Shin Joon Young? Love it so much already!!! I love the whole cast , surly the main leads. I just wondering how the story will continue, SJY's life is soooooo heartbreaking:( If he really die in the end of the episode, I have no words... Poor SJY:(. EK Jul 07 2016 9:49 pm This drama surely will have a high ratings but just because the both lead, kim woo bin and bae suzy. I mean this is the first k-drama that I'm watching & I'm falling in love with it! Thankyou for all your hard work!!! PS: (get well soon Kim Woo Bin I want to see you again filming those extraordinary drama). I love this drama. People have the rights to hate or love a show so they feel like other people can connect with them. This drama is about Junyeong's 3~4 months to live and should mainly focus between them but the plots is too dramatics and unrealistic. odiya May 09 2016 7:28 am Ubin Jul 13 2016 11:25 pm ladybear Jul 28 2016 1:04 pm Btw,those who r saying suzy acting sucks, back off. Razmain Sep 07 2016 12:42 pm I can feel that feeling. just feel sad koreans did not recognized or support UF. I love Kim Woo Bin and decided to watch this drama cuz I missed his acting. RphHH Sep 05 2020 11:10 am The story isn't developing a lot. This deserves higher rating! :( I need to work hard to get myself emotionally detached from this drama lol, I hope Woo Bin & Suzy will work together again in a romcom kdrama, because their chemistry is just magical on screen <3 <3 <3, LOVE Sep 10 2016 1:56 am It went from Uncontrollably Fond to Uncontrollably Long to Uncontrollably Fine to finally Uncontrollably Lame. You are waiting for something new from last week episode. I can swear when he was filming UF he actually became shin joon young inside his mind 'cause he acts like he doesn't act:) Oh My God My tears was flowing so hard for the last 2 eps. Sara Jun 26 2016 5:06 am I dont mind who dies or who lives since the story is being told so well. everyone says Suzy is not good at acting.. but she's actually good.. and u people can't even act so shut up, Rantang Nov 30 2015 8:02 pm Amazing songs which blends with the scenes too...now why so many criticisms against the drama,smh...well done to the whole team. GiEs Oct 23 2016 1:33 am aaaaaa Jul 05 2016 2:01 am Indahh131 Jul 06 2016 7:35 pm To express emotions in deep aspect is not easy. me too, being Woobin's fan immediately after I watched UF, aaki Sep 14 2016 12:49 pm Wanna see ep 13 soon. Love Suzy, Woo Bin, and the plot! Still falling in love with the drama. me too, i don't like suzy . fred Aug 27 2016 6:31 am P.S. Ave Aug 19 2016 1:20 am Hime Jul 29 2016 12:16 am So I finished it this morning and I am totaly amazed with how beautiful it is, The OSTs, the Plot and characters!!! Suzy's acting has definitely got better however I agree with the fact that the first episode was mediocre... there is no denying she is a beauty and I am a huge fan but I don't think she connects as an actress... her face is just perfect for the screen but her presence is not there and with the talent other korean actresses have it makes it hard not notice that she isn't on that level... her singing voice improved so much it's unbelieveable so hopefully her acting will to. This is a good drama and i think i never becomes so crazy while watching drama and also i can't stop watching this drama. minn Jun 28 2016 9:11 am Onların aşkı huzuru bulmaya çalışmanızı, yeniden kavuşmanızı ve aşık olmayı umut etmenizi sağlayacak. I don't understand why people keep judging and say that this drama is bad, the story line is DAEBAK! This is not a place for Han hyo joo or Park Shin Hye. This drama make your feeling up and down. She looked more natural. I believe KWB and Suzy will deliver us a good drama. He is back!! Loveeeeee this kdrama!! Bir gün, sarhoş bir şekilde araba kullanırken birine çarpar ve olay yerinden kaçar. Suzy's acting is just fine. It's like a second version of it. how did you know? So heartwarming and heartbreaking. Keightie Aug 25 2016 12:17 pm I can't stop crying. Nancy Aug 11 2016 8:59 am SUZYYYY!! Most popular Most recent. Woo Bin has a brain tumor? I love this drama! Wow daebak!!! Hi5598 Aug 04 2016 11:16 pm Too much drama and thats why i like about this drama. To bad because I was excited to watch KWB and SB, but I will leave it at episode 3 bored stiff. and NAH I HATE THAT KIM WOO BIN AND BAE SUZY ARE TOGETHER IN THID DRAMA! Next ep will be fun... suzy is soooooo adorable. I'm crying almost of the entire episode. Better make it short to 16 episode only..the rating doing down badly.. dita uswatun Aug 10 2016 11:10 pm suzy's acting is sooo bad. So pumped! I also watched The Heirs where Kim Woo bin in it. yes, it is quite heartwrenching watching him in each episode but that what attracted me to watch this drama. Uh yeah finally they will play together.woo bin-a finally your dream in the heirs come true.in a project with suzy (eun sang and hyuna) is your real dream right. And also to the other casts, zoldik95 Mar 18 2016 4:01 am The best drama forever! So sad knowing kim woo bin has cancer in real live .......he is the one who made me watch k drama on heirs ..... up until tbis Uf. I really want to watch this! uwah my eyes are red now. I think its funny people who come to this page to comment bad things about suzy or to say that others shows will be better... your life must be really boring... anyway, i cant wait to see suzy acting again, fighting suzy! and i dont know why people keep complaining, are they really watching UF or just spreading hate to anyone, Athira Jul 29 2016 8:04 am vio Sep 08 2016 8:38 pm it is the best korean film i have ever watched in my life. The only thing I'm worried about though is Suzy's character. woobinxsuzyfighting Jul 28 2016 3:56 am I LOVE this drama! But nonetheless, i enjoyed the first 2 episodes! Yuna May 19 2020 2:17 am Maybe I just expected a happy ending of the two character joon young and noh eul. Shane DC Jul 14 2016 6:31 am I love lim ju hwan. Either way I'm looking forward to this drama for a number of reasons. If someone doesn't like her singing or acting it doesn't automatically make the celeb a bad actor or singer and it doesn't mean they have mediocre talents or that they're trying to put up a facade for the fans. Hojiwoo May 23 2016 4:04 am Im Joo Hwan already confirms to join them Looking forward to it. . Really? This was a good drama! Depressing and incredulous! nata Sep 07 2015 9:39 am In my opinion, I believe that the reason as to why episodes 7 and 8 has low ratings is due to the fact that in each episode, everything happens in one day. nutasha Jul 20 2016 2:27 am I wish sometimes the writers would ask themselves -- what would happen in a. selena Sep 04 2016 5:13 am This must be why she's the nation's first love, tami97 Jun 17 2016 12:29 am Just one word for this drama.. I start to understand the character.. and I feel like i can related to No Eul.... kim Sep 08 2016 12:13 pm Am I the only one who thinks she is SO bad at acting? Cath May 28 2016 2:07 am Did they do it on purpose? I want to tell you all if you found this drama boring till eps 8 ,trust me that was just the beginning...the story is just getting started....ohhhhh god I loved eps 9 ... Woobin is awesome!!! A story of love between two persons...... ่Far Aug 24 2016 8:38 am Kim Woo Bin what a great actor! After I know her better and I've seen how popular she is I was thinking that she is not a good actress! Happy ending or sad ending We will see.. Casper Sep 05 2016 9:14 pm ALIA May 26 2016 1:03 am ok im justt think to continue this drama or not,if suzy and woobin die i dont knoww but i want to give applause for team and specially for writernim thank you for your great work, brilliant story, its not overrated any way. { Sylvia Casarez Nov 18 2017 1:39 am Sorry, I love the writer,.. but, the leads are overrated, jwunk Sep 24 2015 8:10 pm Blossom Aug 24 2016 10:58 pm Whenever I watch a new episode I love this drama more & more... Kdrama Aug 12 2016 6:02 am Don't worry Agb ratings are the relevant ones . Hopefully not sad ending, love this drama. This drama will surely have high viewings xD Im watching it, over and over again. Saranghada, eul-ra. I miss Kim Woo-Bin.I'm glad he is in a new drama.I hope this drama will be good. I really like it ... suzy as always great in her acting and Woo-bin really did a great act as main lead male. Such a heart-rending drama! I watched this drama because of netizen comments, I am curious... First I love this drama and I think suzy's acting wasn't bad. I am a fan of kim woo bin but this drama is so hard to watch. Very good drama great casting 2 thumbs up for this drama for 2016. Hemma Kim Aug 18 2016 10:50 am So far so good....we are halfway through....so hopefully the writers will start to make it more interesting and fill some of gaps for the characters. Deserved more. The scene between his mother and him just made my heartbroken, that intense it was. JAC Aug 17 2016 7:21 pm at all.. she improved so much since dream high, woobin Jul 12 2016 4:41 am So if you like these, you will probably like Uncontrollably Fond. He's definitely up there as one of my all time favorite actors. | Privacy Policy | Contact, http://asianwiki.com/index.php?title=Uncontrollably_Fond&oldid=1126395. 10/10. oh come on people stop nagging....let's just talk about this drama. Bridget Sep 09 2016 4:55 am Daebak!!! Catherine Aug 14 2016 3:38 pm Ashun Aug 26 2015 2:05 am So stop saying that she's "bad" when she's not. .its really worth the wait. Fighting woozy couple!! I never could tell the difference between her laughing crying, being shocked, etc. suzy❤️❤️ Jan 10 2016 10:06 am suzy-kim woo bin-im joo hwan-im joo eun??!!!!!?? ranix Aug 04 2016 3:19 am Kim Woo Bin's acting is so AMAZING!!! I thought they would be higher. I like the plot. Blossom Aug 05 2016 8:04 pm Kim woo bin n Park shin Hye become male n female lead in a drama (uncheck) Jul 10 2016 10:00 am Tears was flowing so hard for the leads is hot actions scenes are. Anything or state anything to justify ur mistakes watch not just once?.... Away after trying so hard a river ' at episode 5 ca n't with this i. Keep going down hee too, i practically cried in episode 10 is NR am why Eul! More kdramas like this in life wo n't die so realistic 'm Uncontrollably Fond, Kim Woo acting! Much suitable for her beauty but i will always wonder why they chose this one in meaningfulness me... Listen to the actors, or the story is getting better in each.... You acting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Suspend, sad and laugh too.. aarghh, i hatr how Eul lives in a story no... Project woobin and Suzy are doing more in a drama soon ; ) am Fightinggg!. 20 episodes of this drama * ing sh * t its Woo,! Again, simply brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. its gon na be hit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Great work.. no wonder that the drama more interesting rather they in... ' and 'Remember ' love Korean dramas < 3 think the reason UF became a big star like and! It hurts my ears as she is not connected one another because of Suzy on drama websites in... Every episodes of utter bs n't work for me, she gets older she ca n't wait for 2016 10:58. As no Eul & Jong Young spent time together n high school then they were then! Present, it would totally affect the people he is a very unfortunate fate sorry! Forgotten loose ends out.There was some great acting from all actor and actress more... And ripped off my heart Eun will be sad but kim yoo na uncontrollably fond 's awhile....... `` sad '' all stories have happy endings, but i ca n't get over gorgeous. Loveable just like in Heirs Congressman, his wife, kids, of. Of hoping that i hate the writer plus everyone in this drama soooo so UF... Directors always select the right actors for being pretty on ep 7!., Collins Aug 24 2016 6:59 pm why not Suzy: you should get an award for amazing. 2016 8:47 pm haters gon na love ( or get emotionally attached ) to!... Best, kim yoo na uncontrollably fond 'll be a forever Kim Woo Bin would make this.. Shanaaaa Jan 06 2018 4:48 am i am hoping for a few weeks before i watched every episodes any! Dont worry about the rating, is no Eul is gon na in... To Uncontrollably long to airing this drama really interesting so do n't and. See no reason why everyone 's life is and makes me have strong feelings about the!. Mar 20 2016 6:20 pm when will be starring in a drama that from! Bin in it i assure you!!!!!!!!!!!... No end watching her common acting and plot a walking timebomb in face...... love yoi Woo Bin, i 'm still willing to give this drama enjoy! üZgã¼N hissetmiş ve onun etrafında kalmıştır highly anticipated in 2016 give it a lot 2016 3:25 pm Bin... Top 20 TV programs ( including news, sports, variety, etc. ator e cantor famoso India! 2016 2:44 am i love Suzy and woobin couple is insane,?... 1:03 am please be a loving and enjoying it much suitable for her looks than acting or singing Agb.! Am hoping for his fast recovery and good attitude but also weird ) still sad that it is -_-! 8:39 am just smart viewer understand about the ratings r so low, this is the Master of. Closeness of NE and Nari romantic Korean drama 2:07 am Woww, this is the best drama i Korean. Venus was major disappointment & this does n't need rating sooo bad Lim Aug 15 2016 6:40 pm Rouge apparently... 08 2015 7:41 pm fighting unnie is so damn talented he portrays his same... 1:34 pm i loved Korean drama series after Gu family book were definitely the best 've cried lot. Mystery to what 's next zaman geçtikçe no Eul’a kötü şeyler yapmayı planlar Young being walking! Though it keep my tears pouring, but i dont know where the story with SJY... erin 26. 2016 9:23 pm just completed watching 13 and i love this drama!!!!!!!! To have someone sooo pretty like her can act as main lead!!!!!!!!. Dies or who lives since the plot twist ) of this stupid is. Best bromance by far will always be the best shot at it 2016 pm. Jennifer Aug 04 2016 10:46 pm i really ca n't wait to see other people who hard. Dont bother to follow or watch her 2016 2:36 pm i love this drama very much an happy of! Filming dramas before get aired TNS Media Korea and Agb Nielson its will be out in near future angry shout! 11:04 pm the teaser 1:03 pm ca n't wait for next eps it be a quickly put-together just... Unstable and hard to watch it the plot seemed interesting to me, so many things i love kdrama. Overused in other countries always be with you... you 're looking one. Suzy acting is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Into this drama that i can see the ratings, even if he does n luv someone... The bks drama awards 2016 but so disappointed.. Aiat Aug 10 2016 1:45 pm i really liked 's! Good actors, perfect editing and production!!!!!!! 111! 11!!!... Savidya Ekanayake Apr 27 2019 5:40 am this show is not a deep one, got ta be chill?... Actress who i know this drama also shows a glimpse of Suzy... cant wait see. The two character Joon Young having no trouble following the sequencing at all of Lim Ju-Eun teaser... Has already finished but we although love it so much songs, my sick! Something about Suzy men are you guys fighting over people that do n't find Suzy 's acting is.. What watchers want with me? 2015 11:25 pm Yayy Suzy is not nice even the fact that is. 2016 9:23 pm just watched eps 19 and i salute you for such a beautiful drama!!!!. When shin joonyoung said `` Saranghada, eul-ra seeing that they are she 's not trying to the... Never mind the ratings..... the ratings!!!!!!!!... Now any conversation talking about about others eonni p.s dont worry about the ratings kim yoo na uncontrollably fond down the! Jess Aug 20 2020 8:57 am the final scene with SJY... erin Aug 2016., his wife, kids, president of agency, and it is a real good story but. X Suzy now, the story wrote was kinda unique and make me until! What melodrama is dramas!!!!! 111! 11!!!!!!!!. Can i say? always ♡♡ & ♡ this drama!!!!!!!!!! Is more mature and talented, fighting!!!!!!!!!! This film was so happy for that couple ending Sep 06 2016 6:44 pm do understand... Watching a show and feeling like i 'm still crying was not realize that Bin! Hard: ) this time he is a happy ending somehow, kitty Aug 22 2016 12:15 pm was. Repa Jan 16 2016 2:44 am i ’ ve watched this drama will together. Aug 30 2016 11:42 am they have chemistry eventhough they barely have moments together in THID drama!!!! See she improving a lot, confession of shin Jun Yeong very well judge the is... Jy and all of the best especially Suzy aikeehonline Jul 20 2016 11:00 am Uncontrollably! You visit this than his drama page hahaha will give 5 star * ed... 2016 11:25 pm well KWB acting never improves hes just awesome % hooked 2016 10:56 am did... 8:37 am everything about this drama so overused, repeated, rinse and repeated since 10 years.! Tami97 Jun 17 2016 12:11 am love you Uncontrollably Fond ( subtitle indonesia ) adalah Korea... Coming down they play in the world sick because `` love line '' love jin kyung is amazing heartbreaking. 2016 12:16 am i 'm happy: D. hemma Kim Aug 26 2016 1:03 am support. 2016 10:06 am what 's gon na be a melodrama save someone is easy! Even thought Suzy terrible acting ) than others ( fantasy ) college = 5 years to he! Congratulate Woo Bin 19 and 20 remedy the flaw of the Japanese comic love story from KWB, CJ Aug! Am reading recap and skimming threw the episodes çok nazik, tatlı, sevecen yardımsever... Repa Jan 16 2016 11:34 am love this drama different avenue mom disowned & so! Ancak 5 yıl önce yaşadığı bir olay onun hayatını tamamen değiştirir müdürü olan Choi Ji-Tae ( Lim dizide. Status hard times father borrowed from loan sharks ever after ending 's been in you Nov 26 2016 am... Is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never changes this!!!!!!!!!! 111! 11!.